Sanitize Mat 90cm x 150cm - Polypropylene - Building, Hotels, Office and Hospital Entrance

by OnlyMat
Door Mats
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Step-up your biosecurity practices with the OnlyMat Sanitizer Door Mat before you enter a sensitive entryway, step on the mat to sanitize your footwear. Just place sanitize mat on a level surface and pour sanitizing liquid directly onto the mat. The layer absorbs the liquid, allowing the mat to act as a disinfectant dispenser when stepped on. It’s sturdy, impermeable bottom keeps liquids in and toxins out. Sleek design minimises tripping hazard and makes clean up easy. Place at entrances and exits so shoes get sterilised going in and coming out!

Polypropylene Mat For Drying 

Dimensions: Both mats are 90cm x 150cm or 3 feet x 5 feet

Simple Setup & Maintenance of Shoe Disinfecting Mats

Step 1: Pour disinfectant liquid into the mat. 1-litre water with 100 ml bleaching solution or Dettol. 

Step 2: Wipe shoes on rubber mat filled with sanitising solution.

Step 3: Dry your wet shoes on a drug mat placed after the wet mat. 


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