Coir Bird Nest

Discover our Eco-friendly Handmade Coir Bird Nest, a perfect blend of sustainability and charm. Handwoven with coir fibres, this birdhouse is durable, weather-resistant, and blends seamlessly into any environment. Foster natural bird behaviours while supporting local artisans and promoting eco-conscious living. Explore our coir bird nests and contribute to biodiversity today!

Choose natural gifts for your loved ones! Our coir bird nest is 100% natural coir from coconut husk.

An excellent home décor item to add a touch of class to your interiors! Available in a single size.

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OnlyMat Eco-friendly Handmade Coir Bird Nest

Bird Cages & Stands

The Handmade Coir Bird Nest is a beautiful choice for those who care about the environment and our feathered friends. It's carefully crafted with n...

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