OnlyMat Jute and Coir Doormat Combo - IN OUT Printed Entrance Doormat

Coir & Jute Door mat
Save ₹249.00

A doormat is often the overlooked item that will help keep your floors looking cleaner and add to the first impression that guests have of your home. We, at Onlymat, bring to you our wide variety of Onlymat Doormats, which help you to clean your house and give a stunning impression to your guest..

To bring a fun twist to the traditional ‘cleaners’, we bring to you a combo of assorted jute rugs and coir doormats – a wonderful combination that will keep your door entrance spick and span!

We have handspun jute rugs with natural latex backing, upon which you may place the smaller sized coir mat to make the cleaning process even more effective! The anti-slip property of latex backed jute rug keeps the mat in place, while the coir brush mat wipes away the dirt effectively off your shoes!

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