OnlyMat Oh No!, Not You Again Printed Funny Natural Coir Door Mat

Coir Doormat
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    Add a touch of humour and personality to your doorstep with our "Oh No!, Not You Again" Printed Funny Coir Door Mat. Crafted from natural coir fibres extracted from coconut husks, this doormat combines functionality with a delightful twist of humour. The sturdy coir bristles effectively trap dirt and moisture from shoes, preventing it from entering your home.


    • Charming Design: The playful "Oh No!, Not You Again" print adds a lighthearted and welcoming touch to your entryway, setting a cheerful tone for anyone who crosses your threshold.
    • High-Quality Coir: Made from natural coir fibres, this doormat is durable and environmentally friendly. It withstands daily wear and tear while maintaining its effectiveness in keeping your home cleaner.
    • Functional and Practical: The coarse texture of coir fibres provides excellent scraping action, ensuring that dirt, mud, and moisture are left outside where they belong.
    • Sturdy Construction: The coir fibres are securely embedded in a durable backing, preventing the mat from shedding or unravelling over time.
    • Easy to Clean: Shake, sweep, or vacuum the mat to remove accumulated dirt. Coir's natural resistance to staining makes maintenance a breeze.
    • Ideal Size: With dimensions designed to fit most standard doorways, this doormat is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Welcome with a Smile:

    Let your sense of humour shine right from your doorstep with the "Oh No!, Not You Again" Printed Funny Natural Coir Door Mat. It's not just a doormat; it's an expression of your unique style and personality. Make your guests smile as they enter your home, knowing they're in for a warm and friendly experience.

    Upgrade your entryway with a touch of laughter and functionality. Get the "Oh No!, Not You Again" Coir Door Mat today and embrace the joy of a well-thought-out welcome.

    Note: Due to the natural materials used, the colour and texture may vary slightly, adding to the authentic charm of the product.

    Size (L X W X H): 75 cm x 45 cm x 1.5 cm

    Special Care Instructions: Coir doormats may shed in the first few months. During this period, brush or shake the mat to maintain its best appearance.

    Delivery Method & Time: Ground Shipping via DTDC/DHL/Blue Dart, 3-7 business days.

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