OnlyMat Grey Luxury Soft Bedside Runner / Yoga / Prayer Mat with Cotton Border 80cm x 180cm

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Stay healthy and get closer to Mother Nature by practising yoga on our eco-friendly mat!

This elegant mat specially designed for easy exercise and to suit exquisite home interiors. 

Features & details

  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Polypropylene surface for maximum comfort, Organic cotton border for durability and natural latex backing for anti-slip.  Polypropylene also has organic antimicrobial properties. Latex is water-resistant with the greatest stickiness. In combination, these materials make a fantastic high-performance yoga mat!
  • EXTRA LONG, EXTRA THICK, AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Never run out of room on your yoga mat with the extra length of our Yoga Mat. With an extra thickness of 8 mm, a yoga mat provides extra cushions for your bones, joints, spine, knees, elbows, and hips on hard floors.
  • DURABLE (BUILT TO LAST): This yoga mat provides the kind of durability that is built to last; enduring usage for years to come.
  • EXTREME COMFORT – This Yoga Mat is thick so that it gives comfort during your workouts or Asana, also firm enough to provide a stable, non-slippery, base during any Yoga exercises.
  • SUPER EASY TO CLEAN: Dry clean only, do not rub into the rug, vacuum regularly, sun dry if wet, Use a damp cloth with non-solvent cleaner and spot clean. Do not use a washer or dryer, hang to dry.

This package contains 1 yoga mat. The dimensions are 80cm x 180cm. Ideal for yoga, meditation and other simple exercises. Our Yoga Mats are easy to clean and maintain.

These mats are also popularly used as bedside runners, prayer mats as well as runners. 

Material: Polypropylene with cotton border and latex backing

Special Care Instructions: Shake the mat to maintain its best appearance. You can dry wash or vacuum clean them to remove dirt. Sun-dry if wet.

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