Utility Mats - Another Example of Expertise by Onlymat

Since a long time, homeowners opt to place mats at the entrance point to prevent the entry of dirt and dust into the property. In addition, placing entrance mats play a major role in improving overall aesthetic appearance of the living space.

However, besides the mentioned two key roles of good quality mats, they are able to fulfill various other purposes in the property. Hence, with the help of this blog post, we will want to highlight a few different types of rubber and coir mats online for home designed with a specific purpose and hence, known as utility mats.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Onlymat Group has recently launched a top quality of anti-fatigue type of floor mats to place in both residential and commercial properties. These are ergonomic type of floor rubber mats, which give optimum level of comfort to individuals and avoid any injury or stress. These mats consist of high-density rubber surfaces to avoid any slippage problem. Most of the anti-fatigue floor mats come with special designs to remain highly resistant to grease, harmful chemicals and dangerous substances.

Moreover, most of these coir or rubber mats are of static dissipative and allow safety usage in electrical manufacturing facilities and in computer rooms. Particularly, anti-fatigue types of floor mats are able to reduce stress on muscles as well as bone joints of an individual and thereby, allow regular and even blood flow throughout his/her legs and feet. In this way, such mats reduce the risk related to circulation loss in humans.

Boot Scrap Mats

Boot Scrap Mats are another type of best selling mats designed specifically to help in the removal of excessive amounts of dirt and debris from sides, bottom and front part of one’s shoes. By placing boot scrapers as entryway doormats, you will provide your guests with user-friendly option in the removal of muck, which may otherwise come into your property. The main purpose of using boot scraper type of doormats is to keep the home in clean condition.

Here, you find resilient coir type of material compacted so tightly and is tough to suit perfectly for the weight of your feet scraping nearby its surface. Other than this, coir surface of boot scrap mats come with bristled ends to scour snow, dirt and mud naturally from your shoes by dealing with crannies and nooks of one’s soles. In this way, boot scrap mats are helpful in the removal of debris, which may potentially cause damage to tiles as well as hardwood floors of your property.

Bath Mats

Lastly, under the category of utility mats, we will talk about bath mats or bathroom mats offered by our Onlymat Group. These mats play major role to retain the dryness of your bathroom floors. Specialty of our bathroom mats is they come with huge resilience, while are of relatively less susceptible to rotting and/or water damage. Moreover, mats designed with natural materials never break easily or tear, as they incorporate strong materials. If this is not enough, to avoid any health hazard, our bathroom mats come with both anti-mold and anti-bacterial properties.
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