How to Shop for a Good Doormat?

Entryway gives the first impression in the minds of guests visiting your home. Hence, laying down any regular and traditional doormat never forms a great way to protect the floors of your dream home.

Along with that, doormat constitutes the prime defence line of one’s home against every possible debris, which may come from wet shoes and boots. Therefore, it is very much essential to consider the material, size and various other factors while going to buy doormats for the entrance of your home.

Outdoor-Indoor Mats

Firstly, you should consider the usage of a particular doormat. If you have to use it as an outdoor mat, you should definitely choose for the mats comprise of weather-resistant type of materials, like woven seagrass, teak and fibres made with waterproof coconut. This is because; such materials come with the highest possible durability and ideal option for busy outdoor and indoor areas.

Doormat Surface

Homeowners require to use mats to place in high traffic areas or outdoor entrances, you should look for doormats come with textured or abrasive surfaces. Furthermore, you should consider the scraped surface of doormats designed primarily to whisk away varieties of muds and even the most stubborn one.

Avoid Rubber Mats for Winters

Despite rubber mats give durability to users and do not slide at the time of wiping shoes, they are not suitable for outdoor areas during the winter months. Instead, you should opt to place such mats in indoor areas of your home or in your garage. Reason for this is that prolonged and cold exposure of elements present in the rubber mat will result in cracking of the rubber.

Mats with Non-Slip Backings

Most of the times, you may experience the worst thing, i.e. slipping off the mat and moving right out from beneath us. Especially, the situation becomes too much irritating on muddy days, as slipping mat makes the respective area dirty. Hence, in order to avoid this, one should choose the mats combined with non-slip backings, which will help in keeping the outdoor/indoor mat in its place.  

Indoor-only Mats

Homeowners looking for indoor-only mats should choose for the mats comprised of jute, sisal and cloth fabrics. These constitute the best indoor mats because of the fact they are unable to stand up in a good manner with elements for a long time.

Size of the Door and Nearby Area

Doormats usually come in varieties of shapes and sizes. However, you should essentially opt for the mat that fits perfectly with the size of the main door. In addition, you should check the height of outdoor mats. This is because; most of the times, too many thick mats usually slide or stuck while opening the door. Hence, you should choose thick mats for outdoor usage.

Clean Mats at Top Priority

Clean mats are able to trap relatively more debris and dirt particles. If you want the mat for indoor usage, only you have to shake it and place a vacuum in it. Alternatively, in case of plastic fibres, rubber or wood, you should simply hose the mat downward while air dries it.

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