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A significant challenge many of us face is a lack of understanding to define their personal interior design style. With an abundance of extraordinary design styles, it can be terrible to decipher which style will work finest. Don’t worry, because Onlymat has committed to enhance your possibility to create exceptional designed spaces. This rubber half-moon mat would surely magnify the entryway making it look more elegant.

The celestial trend isn't going anywhere and we're here for it….


So, get ready to style your floors with Onlymat!

    Can be used to fill disinfectant solution to sanitise shoes before entering the building.

      Best suitable for: Living room, bath entrance, hallway, bedroom and other covered door entrances.

      Available size: 45cm x 75cm

      Care instructions: Simply shake the mat to get rid of the dirt accumulated on its surface. You may vacuum clean occasionally to increase the life of the doormat.

      Sanitising steps:

      Step 1 : Fill 200 ml water mixed with 25ml bleaching solution or 50 ml Dettol solution on the polypropylene part of the mat. 
      Step 2: Dip shoe sole in wet area. 

      Step 3: Dry shoes on a dry mat.

      Delivery Method & Time: Ground Shipping via DTDC/DHL/Blue Dart, 3-7 business days.


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