Rubber Mat for placing 45cm x 75cm mat - 60cm x 90cm Tray Mat- Frame Mat for Coir Mat - Indoor / Outdoor, Waterproof

by OnlyMat
Rubber Floor Mat
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  •  We present you with an frame for placing your 45cm x 75cm mat. 
  • This rubber tray mat is of size 60cm x 90cm and the inside area can hold a 45cm x 75cm coir mat.
  • The rubber part of the mat stays in place, while the insert mat does all the wiping.
  • The doormat keeps your premises neat, dry and clean.
  • These Mats offer cushioning to the feet relieving discomfort and help minimise foot fatigue for jobs that involve prolonged standing.

Best suitable for: Main door entrance and Kitchen Entrance

Available size: 60cm x 90cm  

Does not include the insert mat. Only the 60cm x 90cm rubber tray mat is included. 

Care instructions: Simply shake the mat to get rid of the dirt accumulated on its surface. You may vacuum clean occasionally to increase the life of the doormat.

Sanitising steps:

Step 1 : Fill 200 ml water mixed with 25ml bleaching solution or 50 ml Dettol solution on the polypropylene part of the mat. 
Step 2: Dip shoe sole in wet area. 

Step 3: Dry shoes on a dry mat.

Delivery Method & Time: Ground Shipping via DTDC/DHL/Blue Dart, 3-7 business days.


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