OnlyMat Multi-Purpose Rubber Boot Tray Mat - Boots, Pet Bowls, Flower Pots, Wet Items - Indoor / Outdoor, Waterproof

Rubber Floor Mat
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Set your wet or muddy shoes and boots on this Onlymat Multi-Purpose Rubber Boot Tray Mat which helps  keep your home clean and tidy. It is the perfect place to keep soiled footwear neatly arranged. This rectangular black mat features a raised design that helps to drain moisture away from boots so that they dry faster, without spilling the liquid outside of the tray. This boot mat tray is sized perfectly to hold a wide array of shoes, boots and slippers. It can be a great floor placemat for pet dishes or litter boxes and a unique way to protect cabinets by storing cleaning supplies on top. You can place your furry friend’s food and water bowl on the tray. Its 5cm lip will ensure that water or any liquid stays in the tray and thus, you can save your time and energy to sweep the floor.

This boot tray mat is ideal to store away all those wet and dirty shoes, pet food bowls, flower pots, wet umbrellas so that your entranceway and indoors remain dry and clean! You can use it for indoor or outdoor applications such as doorway, foyer, porch or a laundry room. This mat is durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.

    • Keep your entranceway clean and dirt free.
    • This 16 x 32-inch rubber mat is ideal for keeping wet, muddy and dirt dripping boots, flower pots and your pet's food bowl.
    • Can be used to fill disinfectant solution to sanitise shoes before entering the building.
    • Can easily be cleaned by hosing down with water.
    • Available in many elegant patterns.

    Material: Natural Rubber

    Size (L X W): 40cm x 80cm

    Special Care Instructions: Simply shake the mat to maintain its best appearance.

    Sanitising steps:

    Step 1: Fill 500 ml water mixed with 50ml bleaching solution or 50 ml Dettol solution. 
    Step 2: Dip shoe sole in solution 

    Step 3: Dry shoes on a dry mat.

    Special Care Instructions: Simply shake the mat to maintain its best appearance.

    Delivery Method & Time: Ground Shipping via DTDC/DHL/Blue Dart, 3-7 business days.

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