OnlyMat Rubber Boot tray - Multi Purpose Sanitisation Tray Anti-Virus Solution Fill Tray - Indoor / Outdoor, Waterproof

Rubber Floor Mat
Save ₹520.00
  • Keep your entranceway clean and dirt free.
  • This 16 x 32-inch rubber mat is ideal for keeping wet, muddy and dirt dripping boots, flower pots and your pet's food bowl.
  • Can be used to fill disinfectant solution to sanitise shoes before entering the building. 
  • Can easily be cleaned by hosing down with water.
  • Available in many elegant patterns.
  • Material: Natural Rubber

    Special Care Instructions: Simply shake the mat to maintain its best appearance.

    Sanitising steps:

    Step 1 : Fill 500 ml water mixed with 50ml bleaching solution or 50 ml Dettol solution. 
    Step 2: Dip shoe sole in solution 

    Step 3: Dry shoes on a dry mat.

    Delivery Method & Time:
    Ground Shipping Via DTDC/DHL/BlueDart, 3-7 business days.

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