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In wet weather, sometimes there is nothing you need more than a tough, durable rubber mat for a busy home or business entryway. Onlymat Anti Fatigue Bubble Surface Rubber Mat is the perfect solution for any wet or slippery doorway, especially in areas experiencing rainy seasons. These rubber doormats are designed explicitly to provide anti-slip protection in extremely wet areas. These rubber mats are equipped with unique holes and gripped surface that allows moisture to drain through the mat's surface, keeping interior floors clean and dry.

Onlymat Anti Fatigue Bubble Surface Rubber Mat is designed with various other qualities that make them perfect for many applications. Our rubber anti-fatigue mats are specially designed to give your tired feet some rest after long standing hours. Therefore, the mat is best used in the kitchen, where you may spend prolonged hours standing. The bubble-like shape of the mat helps relax the muscles on your foot and, thus, gives a soothing effect to your tired feet! Each mat has a bubbled surface texture that catches the soles of shoes and avoids dangerous slips and falls. Keep your entryways secure with Onlymat All Purpose Four Seasons Anti-Slip Mats, and rests easy with the knowledge that your doorways are safe.


Soothing for the Feet

Onlymat Anti Fatigue Bubble Surface Rubber Mat is carefully designed with a bubbled surface that offers a soothing effect to your tired feet after prolonged standing hours. Thus, best suited to use while standing in your kitchen.


Soothing for the Feet


Slips & Trips! No More


Perfect Size Options:

  1. 40cm x 120cm
  2. 45cm x 75cm
  3. 60cm x 90cm
  4. 40cm x 120cm 

Perfect for Indoor Outdoor

Size: 40cm x 120cm, 60cm X 90cm and 45cmx 75cm 

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