OnlyMat Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats – For Your Healthy Feet!!

“Customer satisfaction is our motto” – sounds very clichéd, isn’t it?

We, at Onlymat, are beyond that. We believe in exclusivity. We aim at fulfilling your special needs. All our floor mats are aesthetically designed cleaners. We have brush mats, water-absorbing mats, designer mats, customized mats and heavy-duty rugs that would keep your home & office premises spick and span. However, in our quest to keep you clean, we have not sidelined the need to keep you comfortable. After years of R & D and listening to our customers, we have added therapeutic value to our product line. Presenting our health expert – the anti-fatigue mat!

What is an anti-fatigue Floor Mat?

Anti-fatigue floor mats are designed to ease the tension on feet and reduce overall fatigue while standing for a long time. The bubble-shaped surface conforms to the contours of your feet and makes sure your calf muscles are fatigue-free. We fondly call it “Bubble Floor Mat” due to the bubble-like design. Made of 100% recycled rubber this mat is eco-friendly too!

How to use an anti-fatigue Floor Mat at home?

Present our anti-fatigue floor mat to the ladies. Have them step on the floor mat while standing in the kitchen. We are sure, they will feel the difference! Cooking will seem less tiresome, as the anti-fatigue mat will take care of their feet during long standing hours. Hence, a simple mat becomes a useful kitchen “mate”!! 

How to use an anti-fatigue Floor Mat at work?

To test the quality and durability of the bubble floor mat, we test-marketed to factory workers and sales counters involving greater standing hours during their work. The result was amazing – they were satisfied with the anti-fatigue floor mat under their feet, as it increased their productivity and decreased fatigue. This explains that our anti-fatigue floor mat is the best companion for factory workers too.

How to clean the anti-fatigue Floor Mat?

The anti-fatigue bubble floor mats are easy to clean and maintain. These are washable, so you may hose-off excess dirt. In case of greasy stains, use soapy water to clean the mat. Further, you may wipe the outer surface with cotton dipped in silica gel, which will add to the shiny appearance.

Our anti-fatigue floor mats come in two different sizes – 60x90cm and 45x75cm, with 10mm thickness. We have introduced a standard design for the mat, keeping in mind its medicinal use. Nonetheless, if you want to add a style quotient to our anti-fatigue rubber bubble floor mats, write to us.

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