Festive Season with OnlyMat Door Mats

Festivals in India symbolize diversity, prosperity and sanctity. Festive season calls for making your home warmer and welcoming than the previous year. It is the time when you would want to replace the faded & old with the fresh & new - right from curtains, sofa covers, bed sheets, cookware, to the colour of the walls. Although a single shopping at your nearest market can fulfil most of these requirements, you might still want to add something new and different to your home décor. And when you want to think different, simply think of Onlymat!

You heard it right. Onlymat is a premium doormats’ brand and you might wonder how we can help you with home décor ideas. Well, we have already answered this question a decade ago, when we introduced our floor mats to Indian households. Ever since then, we have been helping people to match our doormats with their home décor, especially during festivals. Go through the following lines to find out how Onlymat floor mats can be valuable additions to your overall décor.

OnlyMat Door Mats for Festivals

  • Enchant your guests at the entrance itself! Complement your Rangoli and “Shubh-Laabh” thorans with a simple yet elegant looking floor mat. You may choose from our range of welcome coir floor mats. For the staircase leading to your home entrance, go for our polypropylene stair mats, which can be easily glued on to the stairs using double-sided tapes.
  • Brighten up your home with colourful jute rugs. Our big sized jute rugs in the living room will add grandeur to the overall décor. Pick and choose any jute rug from our range, which complements your furniture. We are sure, your guests would want to spend more time in the living room!
  • Greasy stains might just ruin the entire look of your kitchen. It will not only look messy but also make the floor slippery. To ensure the kitchen floor remains clean, opt for our range of anti-slip and washable rubber mats. Our anti-fatigue bubble mat is best suited to use when you cook, while the hollow mat placed right underneath your kitchen sink will keep the wash area dry and clean.
  • When your home is filled with guests, their multiple visits to the washroom can easily make the area damp and dirty. To avoid this situation, make use of our premium range of Polypropylene bath mats at the door entrance. Moreover, our anti-slip washable PP mats are better alternates of the regular machine-wash cotton dhurries.
  • For your guest room, go in for any coloured coir mat that perfectly suits the walls and the furniture. We can get any colour on Earth printed on your doormat. Just point out the colour and we will paint it right onto your doormat!

So this festive season, join hands with Onlymat to add that extra finishing touch to your home!

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