Rubber Backed Polypropylene Flock DoorMat

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Our wide range of all-purpose mats are made with superior quality imported Poly Propylene (PP) with natural rubber backing. Available in a variety of UV resistant colours, this mat absorbs all the dirt, keeping your home clean. As the name suggests, you can use this as a doormat, bath mat or a kitchen mat. With anti-slip and anti-fade properties, this mat is a bargain at this price. This package contains 1 door mat.

*Trendy Poly Propylene doormats with Swiss nylon flock printing for your protected entrance ways ad covered foyers

*Manufactured using imported German flocking machines, these mats last long

Special Care Instructions: You may vacuum clean, brush or simply shake out excess dirt to maintain its best appearance. When excessively dirty, use mild detergent, hose out and hang to dry.

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