OnlyMat Sunrise Design Red Colour 100% Natural Coir Handloom Semi Circle Coir mat - Indoor / Outdoor

Coir Doormat
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Add a touch of warmth and style to your home with our OnlyMat Sunrise Design Red Colour Coir mat! Made from 100% natural coir, this hand-loomed semi-circle mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Experience the benefits of a durable, eco-friendly mat that adds a pop of colour to your doorstep.

Introducing our 100% natural handloom coir mat, which is not only biodegradable but also environmentally friendly. Our handloom mats are carefully crafted to ensure their quality and durability. You can now have a beautiful and eco-friendly addition to your home decor without harming the planet.

Onlymat offers a variety of traditional handloom coir doormats such as Jilla sar mats, Creel mats, Fibre mats (FM2), Inlaid Fibre Mats, and Imperial Inlaid Mats. These mats are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using traditional handlooms.

Size: 45cm x 75cm

Shape: Semi Circle with Coir Fringes 

Material: 100% Organic Coir 

Usage: Entrance Doormat

Care Instruction: Vaccum Clean or tap and remove dirt. Do not wash

Delivery: By Bluedart Courier to your doorstep

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