OnlyMat Dual Mat - Pin and PP - Wet and Dry area for sanitising shoes - Indoor / Outdoor, Waterproof

Rubber Floor Mat
Save ₹130.00
  • We present an exciting way to welcome guests with our range of rubber pin tray mats with polypropylene inserts.
  • Each mat is fabricated to brush away the dirt effectively off your shoes.
  • The rubber part of the mat stays in place while the PP insert does all the wiping. What’s more? It is water absorbent and, hence, is perfectly suitable for bathroom entrances and other wet areas such as under your kitchen sink and restroom wash area.
  • The doormat keeps your premises neat, dry and clean.
  • These Mats offer a cushion to the feet, relieving discomfort and helping minimise foot fatigue for jobs that involve prolonged standing.
  • It can be used to fill disinfectant solutions to sanitise shoes before entering the building.

Best suitable for Living room, bath entrance, hallway, bedroom and other covered door entrances.

Available size:40x60cm 

Care instructions: Shake the mat to remove the dirt on its surface. You may vacuum clean occasionally to increase the life of the doormat.

Sanitising steps:

Step 1: Fill 200 ml water mixed with 25 ml bleaching solution or 50 ml Dettol solution on the polypropylene part of the mat. 
Step 2: Dip the shoe sole in the wet area. 

Step 3: Dry shoes on a dry mat.


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