OnlyMat Grandkids Spoiled Here Funny Design QuickDry Bath Mat (Silver Colour, Soft Polypropylene Rubber, 45 Cm X 75 Cm)

Bath Mats & Rugs
Save ₹650.00

You can keep dust and muddy footprints off your flooring with these Onlymat doormats. As vibrant colours and attractive designs, they are sure to impress your guests. These doormats are highly durable as they come with rubber backing which is durable for the long run. They are easy to clean and maintain also available in a variety of colours and style. You can pick your favourite one and elevate the modern look of your home decor

Don’t worry about the shoe sole stains will make the floor dirty. Whether it is rainy, snowy day or you just come back from the garden, only need to step on this Onlymat doormat, can achieve self-cleaning.
Multipurpose Cleaning Mat

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