OnlyMat Elegant Natural Coir Floor Long and Fade Proof Door Mat

Coir Doormat
Save ₹130.00
  • Trendy coir doormats with swiss nylon flock printing for your protected entrance ways ad covered foyers.
  • An elegant mat for keeping mud and dirt out of your house.
  • The print on this coir mat is just like your bindi, but of a higher quality.
  • It is fade proof and rubs resistant.
  • Manufactured using imported german flocking machines, these mats last ling.
  • Both the coir brush and the nylon print provide good wiping.

We, at Onlymat, bring to you our Onlymat Doormat which helps you to clean your house and gives a stunning impression to your guest.

These doormats are made with natural coconut coir which is a renewable fiber harvested from the husk of the humble coconut that makes it more durable and long-lasting. 

This doormat comes with PVC backing, which increases its durability.

Further, if you want to keep the mat in place, you may use double-sided tape to avoid slipping

Material: Coir

Dimensions: 40cm x 120cm 

Best Use: Converted entrance doorway

Cleaning Instructions: Shake the mat daily to remove the dirt. Vacuum clean occasionally.

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