5 Cute Doormats You Need in Your Life

Gone those days, when people usually place doormats written “Welcome” at the entry point of their homes. Today, homeowners want to acquire specially designed mattresses for the home, especially to place in the living room.

If you are the one, wants to get a sophisticated and cute mattress to place it in the living room of your home, you should definitely give your valuable time to know about 5 of the cute doormats, which will not only boost the beauty of your home but also keep the home clean by preventing the entry of dirt and dust.  

Floral Design Coir in Bleached Print

If you love flowers, you should definitely go for the attractive floral design coir in bleached prints. This outstanding doormat will allow you to give a warm welcome to the guests. The mat contains a hard and tough surface of coir brush to wipe out the dirt and dust from shoes efficiently. In addition, you will get these mats with heavy-duty of vinyl backs to constitute the best option for various covered entrances and indoors.

Coco Rubber Tray Mats

Another excellent way to welcome the guest is to place a colourful Coco Rubber Tray Mat. Because of its 100 per cent natural materials, the printed coir mat has become the top preference among large numbers of European and American customers. The speciality of this mat is that designers have inserted the mat in half-round or semi-circular shape within a rubber tray. This unique style makes the mat further sturdy. If this is not enough, the mat comes with both anti-fade and anti-slip properties.

Corridor Hollander Coir Mats

Corridor Hollander Coir Mats act as the perfect options to place in the corridor or in the entrance of your living room. These mats comprised of coir role capable of withstanding rough uses for a lifetime. In addition, the mats are available in reversible and plain natural designs and in multiple colours to grab the attention of homeowners. Along with this, corridor Hollander mats are completely bio-degradable and environment-friendly in nature.

LFC Mat by Onlymat

Our Onlymat is responsible for manufacturing and supplying the official doormat of LFC i.e. Liverpool Football Club in India. Placing the doormat in your home will let you give a stylish fan statement of LFC. Moreover, the mat comprises of eco-friendly materials, while come with printed form to give a wonderful addition to the home.

All-Purpose Mats

Lastly, homeowners may go for a wide range of all-purpose mats to place in their living rooms. These mats come with a superb quality of imported PP i.e. Poly Propylene backed by natural rubber. You may get these mats in different types of UV resistant colour combinations. The best thing about the mat is that it is able to absorb dirt to keep the home in clean condition. Along with using an all-purpose mat in your living room, you may use it as a bath mat, doormat or a mat in your kitchen.

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