Custom Flocked Coir Mat

Are you looking for a functional and stylish mat that will leave a lasting impression on your doorstep? Look no further than the Flocked Custom Coir Mat. This personalized touch will add a touch of elegance to your entryway while keeping dirt, dust, and grime outside where they belong.

Crafted from high-quality natural coir fibres, our Flocked Custom Coir Mat is environmentally friendly and incredibly durable. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and the test of time, ensuring long-lasting use. Plus, the mat's surface is flocked with a unique and stylish design of your choice, providing exceptional detail, colour vibrancy, and visual appeal.

Key Features:

  1. Personalized Design: When it comes to design options, there are endless possibilities for creativity. You have the opportunity to select from our pre-made designs or create a one-of-a-kind piece that truly embodies your unique style and personality. From monograms and logos to quotes and images, the choice is yours.
  2. Vibrant Colors: The use of flock fibres in the printing process produces a more vibrant colour output compared to traditional methods. These fibres have a high capacity to absorb colour, resulting in bold and eye-catching designs that maintain their vivid hues even after prolonged use.
  3. Fade Resistance: Your custom-flocked coir mat will resist fading from sunlight and weather exposure. The flock fibres will maintain their colour even after prolonged exposure to the elements. This ensures that your mat will look fresh and vibrant for a longer time, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your entrance.
  4. Enhanced Durability: Flocked designs are better at enduring wear and tear than printed designs because the flocking process securely attaches the fibres to the coir mat's surface. This creates a design that lasts longer, is more durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic without fading or losing its visual appeal.
  5. Soft Texture: The flocking process results in a soft, velvety texture that is visually appealing and comfortable to step on. This provides a more pleasant experience for guests and family members as they enter your home or establishment.
  6. Excellent Dirt Trapping: The rough coir fibres are very efficient at removing dirt, dust, and moisture from shoes, ensuring that your floors remain clean and free of debris.
  7. Non-Slip PVC Backing: The PVC backing of the mat is specifically designed to prevent slips and falls during intense usage, ensuring absolute safety at all times.
  8. Easy Maintenance: For cleaning, you can either shake off the mat or use a vacuum cleaner to give it a more thorough cleanse. The mat's flocked design is fade-resistant, maintaining its vibrant colours even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and weather elements.
  9. Versatile Use: The Flocked Custom Coir Mat is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile option for a range of settings such as homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels.
  10. Multiple Sizes & Pricing: The Flocked Custom Coir Mat is available in various sizes that fit all doorway dimensions flawlessly, making it the ultimate option for any entrance.

These are the prices for Single-Colour flocking:

  1. Small size (40x60cm) costs ₹1299
  2. Medium size (45x75cm) costs ₹1499
  3. Large size (60x90cm) costs ₹1999
  4. Extra Large size (40x120cm) for double doors costs ₹1999
  5. XXL size (60x120cm) costs ₹2499

To include extra colours, you will need to pay an additional fee of ₹750 per colour, and you can add up to three colours. Kindly note that these charges apply specifically to customers in India.

Order Requirements

To ensure a seamless ordering experience and to create the perfect custom flocked coir mat for your needs, please provide the following information when placing your order:
  1. Mat Size: Select the desired size for your coir mat from the available options
  2. Design Selection: Choose from our pre-made designs or submit your own custom design, such as a monogram, logo, quote, or image. Ensure the design is in a high-resolution format (preferably vector) for the best results.
  3. Colour Choices: Specify the colours you want for the flocking on your coir mat. Include details for the primary colour and any additional colours if needed. Remember, each additional colour will have an added cost.
  4. Font Style: If your design includes text, specify your preferred font style and size. You can choose from our collection of fonts or provide a specific font file for a truly unique look.
  5. Special Instructions: Include any special instructions or requests regarding the design, such as layout, alignment, or any other details you would like our design team to incorporate.
  6. Contact Information: Provide your full name, phone number, email address, and shipping address to ensure smooth communication and delivery of your custom-flocked coir mat.
  7. Desired Delivery Date: Specify the date you would like to receive your custom flocked coir mat. This will help us prioritize orders and ensure timely delivery.

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By providing this information, you can help us create a custom-flocked coir mat that truly reflects your style and preferences. Our team of designers will work closely with you to ensure that your vision is brought to life, creating a stunning and functional mat that will elevate your entranceway.

Contact Details:

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