A simple doormat can bring a wonderful smile?

Ever imagined how a simple doormat can bring a wonderful smile??? Well, we at Onlymat have been doing this for years. We offer you an array of customized wonders called doormats. We paint them, we weave them and we stitch them – all for you!! Our range of customized doormats can help a great deal in bringing exclusivity to your home and office décor! Yes, you name it and we make it!!

 A welcoming housewarming gift:

Custom doormats make great housewarming gifts for friends and family. Bestow upon them our package of Bespoke home décor mats – one for each room. Personalize the doormats with a fun message or a picture. They will surely appreciate it from the bottom of their heart. A fun and practical gift they're sure to love! 

 A “Name Plate” for your home:

Nothing more exclusive than getting Family Name printed onto a doormat. So, no need to have an extra nameplate at your entrance, because your doormat will say it all! 

A “rib-tickling” cleaner:

Rather than the regular “welcome” or “namaste” doormats, greet your guests with funny slogans or messages printed on your welcome mat. We are sure, it will lighten up the atmosphere! Think of a picture, a witty slogan or simply Google out what you want at the door entrance. It's sure to make your guests feel at home!   

A convincing corporate gift:

Coffee mugs, water bottles, pen holders and diaries are run-of-the-mill souvenirs. Think different - Think Onlymat: The experts in precisely replicating Company logos onto your doormats. Be it on Coir Mats or water-absorbing Polypropylene mats.

Move with the times- Go Green; add customized jute mats in your corporate gifting. We can get your labels stitched alongside our cotton bordered jute mats.

An unusual piece of art:

Think out-of-the-box, because this is what we ourselves have been doing. If you find your customized doormat too colourful and beautiful to step on to, don’t worry – your money will not go wasted. Just look around the walls and find a suitable space. Simply nail the mat onto your wall and voila! Your doormat becomes great wall art.

 With 15,000 designs on offer for doormats, you can’t go wrong. Nonetheless, if you are stuck up with that one particular design, a slogan, a name or an image which you cannot get rid of your mind, then Onlymat will help you put it at your feet– we are just a phone call away!

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