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Stay healthy and get closer to Mother Nature by practising yoga on our affordable eco-friendly Jute Yoga! Made from 100% natural jute fabric, this elegant mat is specially designed for easy exercise. The latex backing ensures a better grip and helps you maintain yoga poses with ease.
  • Padded Yoga Mats for the comfortable practice of YOGA, making sure you don’t hurt your elbows, lower back, knees and joints.
  • It helps you maintain your yoga postures with ease.
  • Our mats are also designed to eliminate skidding.
  • It is easy to roll up and store.
  • This mat provides padded support for your back and joints.
  • Textured upper for body grip.
Eco-Friendly Jute Anti-Skid Yoga Mat With Maroon Cotton Border - OnlyMat Save 34%

OnlyMat Anti-Skid Eco-Friendly Jute Yoga Mat With Maroon Cotton Border

Jute Rug


Experience superior quality, comfort and traction with our Anti-Skid, Eco-Friendly Jute Yoga Mat. Featuring a maroon cotton border, the mat is craf...

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Save 34%

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