Jute Mats

Handspun or powerloom, you name it and we have it! Explore our wide range of jute mats that provide you with an eco-friendly way to keep your home and premises neat & clean!

 Don't see the mat design you're looking for? Let's make it together!

Eco-Friendly Jute Anti-Skid Yoga Mat With Maroon Cotton Border - OnlyMat Save 34%
Rs. 1,888.00
Rs. 1,250.00

Eco-Friendly Jute Table Mat With Red Cotton Border


Eco-friendly Jute Table Mat is specially designed for elegant table decor.  Made from natural jute fabric with an anti-slip bottom. This elegant m...

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Rs. 1,888.00
Rs. 1,250.00
Save 34%

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