Beginner yoga enthusiasts often have many questions before they start with a regular yoga session. Especially, most of the girls and boys joining a Yoga class for the first time ask a common question that what type of Yoga mats they should use on a regular basis. In order to resolve this query, we would like to highlight a few jute yoga mats for beginner yogis.

  1. Dark Brown Color Jute Mats with an Orange Border

Brown colored eco-friendly Jute Mat with an orange border suits perfectly for Yoga and various easy exercises. It comprises of the natural fabric of jute with an anti-skid type of bottom. This is an elegant jute mat that makes sure of better grip and maintains different yoga poses easily.

  1. Light Brown Color Jute Mats with a Purple Border

Another popular Jute mat is of light brown color with a purple border that allows easy exercise. Similar to the previous one, it has eco-friendly design with natural fabric of jute to act as an ideal option for meditation, yoga and simple physical exercises. In addition, users may easily clean as well as maintain the jute-based yoga mats.

  1. Jute Mats with Natural Fibers

Jute mats undergo harvests from the plant of Genus Cochorous and they come from humid areas. In addition, jute has rich natural tones and silk soft luster to constitute the most elegant type of natural fiber. If this is not enough, you will find the jute carpet as the softest and the finest among every other natural material to cover materials.

  1. Blue Border Jute Mats with Silky Soft Luster

Another option in the jute yoga mats for beginners is the blue border jute mats combined with silky and soft luster. The best thing about this product is that it is of perfect thickness and softness to give users a huge level of comfort while doing the Yogic poses.

  1. Jute Mats with Pink Cotton Border and Latex Backs

Last, but not the least, you will find a top quality of jute mat with latex backings and a cotton border with pink color. Based on these key features, you will find this mat as ideal for both physical exercises and yoga activities.